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It is time for war as the Nazis occupied Europe in the 1940s. The only ones that can make a difference and tip the outcome of the war are the Americans. Call of Duty 2 lets you experience some of the toughest battlefields and the most deadly battles of the war. You get to play all three major Allies, the Brits, The Yankees, and the Soviets.


The game puts you on the front lines in France, Russia, and even Berlin, as the war reaches the end. The United Offensive expansion pack gives you, even more, locations and battles to experience. There are plenty of weapons to use, and you even get to drive tanks on the eastern front. The game is action-packed and it’s going to keep you glued to the screen, even now, years after it came out. If you get bored with single player missions, you can always try your skills against other players online.