Battlefield 1 – Pushing the FPS limits

September 17, 2017

The Battlefield franchise is the most popular FPS franchise at the moment. It has always been competing with the Call of Duty games, but it took the lead when Battlefield 3 came out. The latest title in the series is called Battlefield 1 and it brings a whole new experience, never seen before in gaming.

The deadliest war in history

WWI was the ugliest war ever because of the weaponry and tactics used on the battlefield. The newest game from DICE has managed to bring the battlefield to life and allow players to experience some of the biggest and deadliest battles in the history of mankind.

The developers worked hard to make the game look amazing, but the feeling you get while running through enemy fire and dodging artillery grenades is incredible. The game is super fun and there is still more to come with the various expansion packs for the multiplayer mode.

The Multiplayer mode

Just like previous Battlefield titles, this one focuses on the multiplayer mode. The single player campaign is also fun, but it takes about 6-8 hours to finish. The emphasis is on the multiplayer, and it’s one of the best MPs we’ve ever seen.


This game has the standard game modes for all Battlefield games such as conquest, team deathmatch, domination, and dozens of other ones. Each mode has different objective and rules, so you can always find something fun to play.

Many innovations made their way to the game. The biggest one is the zeppelin, which you get to fly over the map and shoot other players from the sky. You can also fly planes, drive tanks, and fire artillery guns at your enemies. If that’s not enough, some maps feature horses, so you can charge the enemy team and cut the players down with a saber.

Is it worth buying?

It sure is! If you are a gamer who likes to shoot guns and drive 30-ton war machines, it doesn’t get any better than Battlefield 1. There are dozens of maps to explore, hundreds of guns and many types of vehicles to choose from. Pick your side and fight others in mass online battles today!