January 30, 2019

Play on Online Casino

Should I play online? We say “Why not?”!

We know all your questions! Is it safe? Will I be tricked? Yes, it’s safe, and no, you will not be tricked! How to be sure? Well, if millions of people all around the world are using online casino, no need to be insecure.

Why is it so great to play online?

Playing online casino is great because you don’t have to get out of the house. Chilling in your sofa or in a bed and gamble from whichever device you want! It is that simple. If you are not handy with technology don’t worry! The use is simple and easy as well.

You have opportunity to have fun with other members from all over the world! Meet new people, enjoy and win some money! Get bonuses and rewards, double your money, all that from the comfort of your home!

What is online casino offering to you?

  • Playing from wherever you are
  • Playing on whichever device you want
  • Anonymity
  • It is safe and legal
  • Bonuses
  • You get professional guide if needed
  • You can play in all valutes
  • You can start a game with a low budget
  • Games are live
  • Fair game
  • Payment is fast and 100% reliable
  • Online casino has more games
  • And of course LOTS OF FUN
  • Many games (these are the most popular ones)
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Slot games
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo
  • Lottery

All you need to do is to choose in which casino you want to play and open your account. After that put some money online to play with. To do this make deposit into your account with your credit card number or similar.

Now, you are ready to play and double your money while having fun!


Esports betting on battle royale games

Battle royale games have taken over big part of pc, console and mobile gaming. Pubg and Fortnite already have hundreds of millions of players, more than any game before. Fortnite announced just couple weeks ago, that it’s going to invest 100 million dollars to Fortnite eSports scene and prize pools. Even though Battle Royale games have rapidly grown in last 6 months, eSports scene and betting are still quite small things around games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and there are couple understandable reasons why.

PUBG and Fortnite have both been around for over a year now, still both of the games are on beta stage still. Pubg might have advertised that it’s now out of beta, but the game still has lots of bugs. Same thing with Fortnite, even thought it is not very buggy anymore, the game gets and loses new features almost on weekly basis, which is making the game very “unstable”. For example CS:GO is getting very small updates even on monthly or yearly basis, because eSports on CS:GO is so strong and developer have to be sure that updates won’t change the game too much.

Esports betting sites like and snabbavinster are already giving us tips for Battle Royale eSports betting, but there isn’t many esports tournaments for Fortnite or Pubg yet. One big thing is that betting is restricted from under 18-years-old players, which make the big part of players on big battle royale games. Hopefully we will be seeing bigger eSports tournaments for Battle Royale games soon. 100 million dollars from Epic Games to boost Fortnite eSports will probably help this a lot in near future.

XMorph Defense – Amazing Tower Defense Game

September 17, 2017

Tower Defense games use to be very popular in the 90s and early 2000s before DOTA came along. Dota alone took the tower defense genre and combined it with a point and click RPG. The game was a hit for many years, and then League of Legends and DOTA2 came along. Apart from these two games and a couple of mediocre failures, tower defense games seem to be a thing of the past. That is until we came across XMorph Defense. Never heard of it, decided to give it a try, and it turned out to be a real gem.

The gameplay

This game is far from a classic tower defense title, but not in a bad way. What it does perfectly is combining the standard top down WASD shooter and a tower defense strategy.

You are put in the role of an Alien ship from the other end of the galaxy. Your job is to secure huge probes on various locations around the world, so the entire planet could be consumed. The maps are usually located in cities or towns with building and streets.

The army of planet Earth is your enemy and they will launch fierce attacks against your core. The army moves in convoys, finding the shortest route to the core. You will then place towers on their way and block their path so they have to take a new, longer one. This is the fun part. You will have to carefully plan your defenses and plan where you put each tower. You will not be able to complete the game without using the environment to your advantage.

For example, the attacking army is almost at your base and there are no towers to cut them off. Destroy the nearest skyscraper and it will block their way. But once you do that, there is no going back, so you have to plan carefully. The enemies attack in waves. There are many different types of ground and air troops, and some maps also have huge Boss battles. As the waves progress, you will have to adjust your strategy accordingly. Upgrading and degrading towers is a must.


The space fighter

The space ship you’ll be flying is a small and powerful machine. You can become invisible at any time, but you can’t shoot, so it’s mostly used to get out of sticky situations. You have 6 different weapons at your disposal and you’ll have to combine them to destroy the enemy. The strategy is key in this game, and so is a reaction. You will have to be really fast to stop the enemy before it reaches the core sometimes. The game is action packed and requires some skills.

Final Verdict

XMorph Defense definitely has a replay value and it’s a great little game to make you think for a bit. The action is awesome, the destruction is fantastic, and the entire gameplay is pretty good too. It is a great game for a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially if you like tower defense games.

X-COM2 Brings Turn-based Strategies Back Big Time

September 17, 2017

The first thing that pops into mind when you say Turn-based Strategies is Heroes of Might And Magic. This is a game franchise that has certainly made up new rules in the genre and it is so successful, we still regard it as the best of its kind. At least we did until we got our hands on XCOM2.

XCOM2 is the second game in the XCOM universe and it is one of the best games we played in years overall. The story is fantastic and it captures you right from the start. The gameplay is even better and once you start playing, it’s hard to let go. Every single detail was carefully placed and that has resulted in one of the most complete video games in recent years.

The Story

The world was invaded by an evil aggressive alien race that wants to enslave human kind and destroy the planet. The first war against them didn’t end as planned. The aliens have stayed on earth and they changed tactics too. They turned the system on us and gained power through politics and mind control.

The Earth Army regrouped in the new HQ and what was once a war becomes a rebellion. You are put in the role of a squad commander on the battlefields and you have to irradiate all aliens from the planet. You will have to improve your gear and base to fight the new types of aliens in the world. Keep in mind that your time is limited and that the world is going to be destroyed if you are not quick enough. The faith of the entire planet rests on your shoulders.

The Gameplay

The gameplay has three different important segments. The first one is base construction. This one is very important because you’ll have to constantly upgrade your base to get new abilities and equipment. That often costs a lot of resources, so you’ll probably have to sacrifice something on the way.


The second most important aspect of the game is the loadout. Always make sure your soldiers are prepared for battle. Get them the best armor and weapons you can, but also make sure that they have enough rest after being wounded. Losing your top character in the late stages of the game can mess up everything you did before.

The turn-based strategy aspect of the game is just amazing. Every animation, every map, everything is detailed and makes you really feel like you are really there. Five minutes is enough to captivate almost anyone. You just have to try it.

Skyrim – the best story ever told

September 17, 2017

RPG games are the most popular games in the world. Some of them have tens of millions of active users and most are made to be played online. Well, the same can’t be said for Skyrim because it’s a single player RPG, but a one that will keep you glued to the computer screen for hours, if not days.

Skyrim is the fifth game in the world of Elder Scrolls. The previous sequels were a huge success and the bar was set high for Skyrim. The game spent several years in the making and it was well worth it. The final product was like a fairytale of warriors and dragons, only you get to live it.

The story

At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in a wagon together with other prisoners who are to be executed for their crimes against the King. The wagon arrives at a castle and just as you’re about to be executed, a dragon flies over the castle, breathing fire and destroying everything in sight. You manage to escape the carnage and on the way, you discover that you are the Dragonborn, a Legendary Champion who has been chosen to save Skyrim from the dragons.

These dragons are the ancient rulers of Skyrim. They used to live alongside men guiding them with their wisdom. Then, one of the dragons decided to rule over mankind, his name was Alduin. The dragons have their own language called Dragontongue. The fire and ice they breathe are really words said in their language. The Dragonborn has the ability to understand and speak these words which give him all kinds of powers.

You will get to choose your own character, how he looks, what he knows, the type of weapons he can use, and that’s just the start. The storyline has one main quest line, but the outcome depends on the choices you made along the way. There are also hundreds of side quests that will take you through the entire land of Skyrim. The game is so incredibly detailed, you will probably miss half of them.

The Setting

dragonThe world of Skyrim is a beautiful but very deadly place. It’s a land with many mountains, forests, castles, towns, and dangers. The entire map is riddled with dungeons, caves, bandit outposts, military outposts, and so on. You can destroy them, or you can choose to work with them. The game gives you complete freedom.

If you want, you can be the Royal Thane, a recognized champion, or you can be a Necromancer that scares everyone. You can also become a werewolf or a vampire, join dozens of guilds and organizations, or you can just go around and explore the land alone. You will find many books and spells on your travels. Some of them hold information about the ancient land and history of Skyrim.

One of the major tasks you’ll have in Skyrim is dragon slaying. The Dragons are usually located on high mountains, far away from people and you will have to slay them in order to learn one of their words. Three words form a sentence in the dragon tongue. The most popular one is “Fus Do Rah”.

We could talk and write about Skyrim for days and we still wouldn’t cover even two percent of the game. It’s simply an experience you have to try if you are into fantasy RPGs.

Inspiration Behind Call Of Duty 2

September 17, 2017

Call of Duty 2 was a huge success when it was released 2005. It was one of the best rated first person shooters ever at the time. The graphics and missions were captivating so the game sold millions of copies right away. The single player campaign put you through the thick and thin that the Allies had to go through on all fronts. But where did the inspiration for the maps and storyline come from?

It looks a little familiar

World War two movies and series were popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. titles like the Band of Brothers, Enemy at the Gates, Saving Private Ryan were all works of art and movies that made a huge success. Well, they are responsible for most maps and settings in COD2 and COD United Offensive.

The most popular multiplayer map was Carentan. If you had that weird “I’ve seen this before” feeling, you were probably right. The map was designed based on a scene in Band of Brothers. The entire map looks completely the same as it does in the series. The Soviet maps were based on the movie Enemy at the Gates, even the single player missions are similar to the movie.

The expansion called United Offensive was released a year after the original game. It had completely new campaign missions and maps, again based on the Band of Brothers series. The best map is Foy, Belgium, and it looks exactly like it does on the movie screen.

Real Veterans were involved

veteranBringing the actual war into a game isn’t easy at all. It’s a long process that involves a lot of research, but also interviews with retired war veterans that were fighting in that war. The guys from Infinity Ward did a great job at interviewing and capturing the experiences of some of these former soldiers. Details of their stories were even incorporated into the storyline in-game.

Pushing the limits

Call of Duty 2 is one of those legendary games that will be remembered forever in the game Hall of Fame. It is definitely a game that brought new ideas to the market and raised the bar for other titles in the future.

Dying Light – Parkour your way through hordes of zombies

September 17, 2017

The Zombie apocalypse is one of the most popular settings for video games and movies in the past decade. There is something scary but super fun about being surrounded by flesh-eating dead people who feel no pain. Well, Dying Light is another game title that puts you in the world packed with zombies, but it brings a completely new experience with the awesome parkour elements.

The story

This game has an awesome story line and things get crazy right from the start. You take the role of Kyle Crane, who is an undercover operative sent to the infected city of Harran. Your task is to find Kadir Suleiman, the man responsible for the outbreak. You are to steal a file that could compromise your entire agency.

The game starts as you jump from a plane and land right into a firefight between some paramilitary soldiers and zombies. One of the zombies bites you right away and you spend the rest of the game fighting the virus while fighting your way through hordes of zombies. You will be using melee weapons at the beginning, but you’ll find firearms as the game progresses.


Like we said before, this game combines super-fast paced action with free running. You are able to quickly climb up buildings and scale over walls while breaking the skulls of zombies at the same time. The game has two different settings, one during the day and the other when the night falls.


During the day, you have all advantages over the zombies. They are slow and easy to avoid if necessary. You can fight a dozen zombies by yourself if you have the skills, but if they start winning, getting away is really easy. The real problems start when the night falls.

Night time

Your situation changes drastically when night comes. Instead of the hunter, you become the hunted. All zombies gain speed and agility, and they become able to scale buildings and run after you no matter where you go. The night also brings out Volatiles, a mutated type of zombie that has super strength and speed. Your only option is to run to the nearest safehouse if you run into a pack of zombies. They will not follow you into areas with a working light.

Make your choice

Are you going to keep the outbreak a secret, or will you expose the ones responsible for so much death? The choice is up to you, but remember, every action has consequences.

Crossout – the newest project from Gaijin games

September 17, 2017

For those who are not familiar with Gaijin Entertainment, they are a team of game developers from Russia. This team is responsible for some pretty popular online games like War Thunder, Star Conflict, but they made their name about ten years ago with the IL: Sturmovik 2 WWII war plane simulation.

Crossout is their newest project and it’s still in the BETA testing phase. Even so, it attracted thousands of players from around the world. That’s because it brings an awesome mix of driving, shooting, and car building. Twisted Metal fans are going crazy about this game, so let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from it.

Building your car

Before you turn the ignition on and drive, you will have to build your car from scratch. This is one of the best parts of the game because no car is alike. Every player can create his own ride, bit by bit, and part by part. Some players come up with huge machines that pack many different weapons, while others like to keep it simple by constructing a small but agile ride. Everything depends on your playing style and you can always rebuild and customize your vehicle if needed.

Battle against others in the arena

Once your car is set up the way you want it, take it to the arena and test it out against other players. You will sometimes have to sacrifice armor for speed or for more firepower, so make sure you set up your car correctly.

crossout car

There are about 10 different maps and they are always chosen randomly. Each battle holds rewards in the form of car parts and scrap metal you need to improve your car.

Unlock new and powerful parts

As you level up, you will unlock different factions and their parts. You can then use the scrap metal and other resources you gathered to produce rare and powerful guns that will give you an edge over your opponents.

Install a tow missile or a large cannon and destroy the other team from a distance, or install a couple of shotguns and get up close and personal. It is all up to you.

Battlefield 1 – Pushing the FPS limits

September 17, 2017

The Battlefield franchise is the most popular FPS franchise at the moment. It has always been competing with the Call of Duty games, but it took the lead when Battlefield 3 came out. The latest title in the series is called Battlefield 1 and it brings a whole new experience, never seen before in gaming.

The deadliest war in history

WWI was the ugliest war ever because of the weaponry and tactics used on the battlefield. The newest game from DICE has managed to bring the battlefield to life and allow players to experience some of the biggest and deadliest battles in the history of mankind.

The developers worked hard to make the game look amazing, but the feeling you get while running through enemy fire and dodging artillery grenades is incredible. The game is super fun and there is still more to come with the various expansion packs for the multiplayer mode.

The Multiplayer mode

Just like previous Battlefield titles, this one focuses on the multiplayer mode. The single player campaign is also fun, but it takes about 6-8 hours to finish. The emphasis is on the multiplayer, and it’s one of the best MPs we’ve ever seen.


This game has the standard game modes for all Battlefield games such as conquest, team deathmatch, domination, and dozens of other ones. Each mode has different objective and rules, so you can always find something fun to play.

Many innovations made their way to the game. The biggest one is the zeppelin, which you get to fly over the map and shoot other players from the sky. You can also fly planes, drive tanks, and fire artillery guns at your enemies. If that’s not enough, some maps feature horses, so you can charge the enemy team and cut the players down with a saber.

Is it worth buying?

It sure is! If you are a gamer who likes to shoot guns and drive 30-ton war machines, it doesn’t get any better than Battlefield 1. There are dozens of maps to explore, hundreds of guns and many types of vehicles to choose from. Pick your side and fight others in mass online battles today!