Dying Light – Parkour your way through hordes of zombies

September 17, 2017

The Zombie apocalypse is one of the most popular settings for video games and movies in the past decade. There is something scary but super fun about being surrounded by flesh-eating dead people who feel no pain. Well, Dying Light is another game title that puts you in the world packed with zombies, but it brings a completely new experience with the awesome parkour elements.

The story

This game has an awesome story line and things get crazy right from the start. You take the role of Kyle Crane, who is an undercover operative sent to the infected city of Harran. Your task is to find Kadir Suleiman, the man responsible for the outbreak. You are to steal a file that could compromise your entire agency.

The game starts as you jump from a plane and land right into a firefight between some paramilitary soldiers and zombies. One of the zombies bites you right away and you spend the rest of the game fighting the virus while fighting your way through hordes of zombies. You will be using melee weapons at the beginning, but you’ll find firearms as the game progresses.


Like we said before, this game combines super-fast paced action with free running. You are able to quickly climb up buildings and scale over walls while breaking the skulls of zombies at the same time. The game has two different settings, one during the day and the other when the night falls.


During the day, you have all advantages over the zombies. They are slow and easy to avoid if necessary. You can fight a dozen zombies by yourself if you have the skills, but if they start winning, getting away is really easy. The real problems start when the night falls.

Night time

Your situation changes drastically when night comes. Instead of the hunter, you become the hunted. All zombies gain speed and agility, and they become able to scale buildings and run after you no matter where you go. The night also brings out Volatiles, a mutated type of zombie that has super strength and speed. Your only option is to run to the nearest safehouse if you run into a pack of zombies. They will not follow you into areas with a working light.

Make your choice

Are you going to keep the outbreak a secret, or will you expose the ones responsible for so much death? The choice is up to you, but remember, every action has consequences.