Esports betting on battle royale games

Battle royale games have taken over big part of pc, console and mobile gaming. Pubg and Fortnite already have hundreds of millions of players, more than any game before. Fortnite announced just couple weeks ago, that it’s going to invest 100 million dollars to Fortnite eSports scene and prize pools. Even though Battle Royale games have rapidly grown in last 6 months, eSports scene and betting are still quite small things around games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and there are couple understandable reasons why.

PUBG and Fortnite have both been around for over a year now, still both of the games are on beta stage still. Pubg might have advertised that it’s now out of beta, but the game still has lots of bugs. Same thing with Fortnite, even thought it is not very buggy anymore, the game gets and loses new features almost on weekly basis, which is making the game very “unstable”. For example CS:GO is getting very small updates even on monthly or yearly basis, because eSports on CS:GO is so strong and developer have to be sure that updates won’t change the game too much.

Esports betting sites like and snabbavinster are already giving us tips for Battle Royale eSports betting, but there isn’t many esports tournaments for Fortnite or Pubg yet. One big thing is that betting is restricted from under 18-years-old players, which make the big part of players on big battle royale games. Hopefully we will be seeing bigger eSports tournaments for Battle Royale games soon. 100 million dollars from Epic Games to boost Fortnite eSports will probably help this a lot in near future.